Montag, 27. April 2009

The first version of JScriptSuite has been published

.NET to Javascript compiler -contains the first version of JScriptSuite to download.
The base functionality (handling timer, resize, activate and keyboard events) has been implemented. The first samples can be tested and/or generated.

Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Soon more to test

The componets JScriptSuite.JScriptGenerator and JScriptSuite.BrowserHost have not been published yet. The both component will be published together later.
  • JScriptSuite.JScriptGenerator as part of public web service
  • JScriptSuite.BrowserHost will be offered to download

Montag, 13. April 2009

JScriptSuite - Content

  • JScriptSuite.dll - core .NET assembly contains JScriptSuite.mshtml namespace which declare portable interfaces to browser DOM and JScript runtime.
  • JScriptSuite.BrowserHost.dll - core .NET assembly implements interfaces from JScriptSuite.mshtml to run and debug .NET version of custom application
  • JScriptSuite.JScriptGenerator.dll - core .NET assembly generates browser independent client site JScript code to deploy on live server
  • JScriptSuite.JScriptLib.csproj - optional .NET assembly contains helpfull C# code which can be used in custom application and translated to JScript
  • JScriptSuite.JScriptRuntime.dll - core .NET assembly contains meta information to translate .NET assembly to cross browser JScript code
  • TestBrowserApp.csproj - sample custom application to debug custom .NET code.
  • TestJScriptLib.csproj - sample custom .NET assembly which will be tested in .NET environment and translated to cross browser JScript code
  • - Pages - folder of TestBrowserApp contains translated sample html sites which reference js files in Pages/js folder which have been generated by JScriptSuite from TestJScriptLib. The samples have been tested under IE7.0.6001.18000, Firefox 3.0.8, Opera 9.64, Safari 3.2.2